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About the 'AnyoneCan Whistle Music Studio'

Philosophy of Music Education

As a music teacher I believe in the need to foster the growth of independent learning. To help children develop habits of mind, to think critically, creatively and reflectively.

To help achieve this I believe that children learn best in a caring environment, where children feel both comfortable and confident.

Teachers must strive to meet the needs of every child.

  Jason Young


For the past 20 years I have been involved in either teaching or performing music. I have worked within schools on many different levels. This has ranged from individual and small group instrument tuition, to teaching the educational curriculum in the classroom.

I have trained choirs and soloists for performances ranging from school exams and shopping centers to professional engagements at the Sydney Town Hall and the Sydney Opera House

I have also worked as a professional musician.

The creation of the 'Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio' came from :

    * A need for a music teacher within the community who not only know how to play an instrument, but also possess an ability to understand children and the way that they learn.

The 'Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio' strives:

     * To provide a foundation where everyone has an opportunity to not only learn an instrument, but they can then foster their creative talent through composition etc in a non threatening environment.

     * To 'ENJOY' Music Lessons

Thanking You

Jason Young

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