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The Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio offers classes in the following instruments:

* Piano Lessons

* Keyboard Lessons (Individual and Group classes available)

* Guitar Lessons (Individual and Group classes available)

* Voice Lessons

* Music Technology

The Studio caters for all age groups and all abilities.

The Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio recommends that students play the music that they will enjoy. This in turn will be the music that hopefully will make them practice the most.

If the student likes Classical music, that is what they will play. If the student likes Walt Disney or Coldplay, that is what they will work on .

The 'Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio' has worked hard on being able to adapt any song to meet the needs of the children they teach.

Common Questions

When is a child old enough to start music tuition?


From the age of five a child is old enough to begin tuition. To start piano lessons the student should be able to:

  • Comfortably recite the ABC

  • Comfortably count to 10
  • Be able to sit down and focus for at least 20 minutes


Guitar is a bit harder to comprehend therefore from the age of six or seven would be more appropriate.

There is also the fine motor skills involved in pressing a string to a fretboard to take account of. This ability to achieve this process depends on the physical and mental development of the child.


Voice lessons are more appropriate from an older age. This is due to the development of a child physically. Voice lesson can begin from as early as seven but keep in mind that at that age the goals are more in keeping with developing confidence and enjoyment, rather than learning any technical development.

Music Technology

The minimum age for these classes would be thirteen.

How much Practice do you need to do each week?

This question is always difficult to answer because it does depend on the individual. At the very least practice needs to occur three times a week so that the student does not forget what was taught in previous lessons. Practice duration depends on the age of the student. The minimum would be ten minutes.

Practicing everyday is the most effective and fastest way of improving your skills as a musician. If you practice only every now and then, your improvement will be inconsistent. Even with just 10 minutes every day, you will notice an improvement week to week. Of course, the longer you practice every day, the better.

Does starting an instrument mean that I have to buy one?

The short answer to this question is yes, but not necessarily straight away. I am well aware of the problems associated with spending money and then two weeks later the child losing interest.

Allow your child to come to a couple of lessons to 'try it out'. After this time we can then access the situation together.

Renting an instrument for a couple of months will give you an idea of your child's ability and perseverance.

If after that time all is well then you will need to purchase an instrument for them.

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