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‘Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio' has created a course entitled the ‘‘Musicians Course for Children’. This course is primarily aimed at children aged between 5-12 years of age

The goal of the ‘Musicians Course for children’ is to develop each student’s overall musicianship in an environment which is non threatening.

Group and individual Keyboard / Guitar or Voice classes are offered in a fun and unique approach to learning music by an experienced music teacher. Children learn together a variety of basic musical skills as listed below. Activities do vary according to age.

The ‘‘Musicians Course for Children’’ includes the following:

Ear training

Music Reading


Sight Playing



Music Appreciation

Keyboard / Guitar Playing

Keyboard /Guitar and Voice Harmony

Keyboard /Guitar and Voice Technique

Our group classes are 'hands-on' with low teacher to student ratios for optimum personal attention.

To cater for varied ages and abilities, a program has been developed that allows the children to progress without having to wait for others in the class to ‘catch up’.

For example, your child while playing the same song as others in the group, may instead be using a more challenging arrangement or part. By using this method it allows cohesion within the group without hampering a child’s development.

At present the 'Anyone Can Whistle Music Studio' is working in schools within the Illawarra area. 

If you are more interested in after school lessons click here

This business is ever expanding and will hope to be in more schools in the Illawarra as time progresses. Let us know if you have an interest in this program being implemented into your school. click here

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